Stefan Knowles

Stefan Knowles - GB Veteran Hockey

I began coaching Stefan in January 2017.  His goal was to qualify for the GB Hockey Team for the 2017 Veteran World Championships in Italy.  

I set Stefan on effective, evidence based Strength & Conditioning protocols to improve his physiological capacities so that he could enhance his Hockey skill & performance. Stefan easily made the GB team and the team came 6th.  

Stefan continued to stay focused after the  2017 World Championships as he set his goal to once again represent Great Britain in the 2018 championships.  His successful training and great mind set meant that he easily qualified to make the team again, but also to become assistant captain.

The goal now is for Stefan to make the GB team 3 years and row!  he is now in preparation for the GB trials!

Stefan is a great athlete, client and friend.  He is a great inspiration to any individual trying to balance work life and a competitive athletic lifestyle.

Along side his Strength & Conditioning for Hockey, 2018 also saw Stefan go through a great body transformation.  Not only did he want to look better, but we agreed that optimsing his body composition and becoming ligher will improve his performance at hockey.  Stefan lost over 10kg of bodyweight and 11% Body-fat in 11 weeks!

Stefan kept to his nutrition and training programming religiously!  In our personal training sessionsm we continued to work on the more technical aspects of his training (Olympic Weightlifting).

The picture to the right shows his incredible body transformation!