Richard Withers

Richard came to me at the beginning of 2018 with the ambition of improving his Iron Man and triathlon peformance.  I had already trained Richard before and have known eachother for many years, however he wanted to step up his preparation for a number of events later on in the year.

Richard was a keen Crossfitter, but decided to take a step back from Crossfit to concentrate on more specific Strength & Conditioning for the events he had planned.

Richard has made great leaps in performance.  Not only has his strength levels and fitness levels improved, but also his technical ability in Olympic Weightlifting (a very useful tool in running development).

I continue to work with Richard now to improve his body composition.  In the future I am sure he will plan more Triathlons and Iron Mans, and he will smash those in the same way he smashed the ones he has done already.