Is Personal Coaching Expensive?

Personal Training (or Coaching) has been deemed a service for only the rich with the average price of a personal training session being £40 in the Kent area. But is coaching really that expensive in the grand scheme of things and is it something you can easily include in your lifestyle?

When it comes to embarking on a fitness journey some sacrifices will have to be made in order for you to achieve what you want to achieve. Whether you need to reduce your caloric intake (or increase it if need be), reduce alcohol consumption, increase nutritional intake, improve sleep or train more - you will more than likely need to change your lifestyle to suit your goals. In many cases, this change in lifestyle can often come with a financial advantage.

In this blog I shall explain the benefits/advantages of hiring a coach. I shall then explain how changing your life to suit your goals can allow you to afford a coach that will make sure you achieve those goals.

Like me many PTs will offer more with their block packages, so the more you invest the more you get and the more you save. Firstly, lets break down exactly what you get from a single Personal Training (PT) session.

1) A specific, safe, fun and motivating hour long workout that you count on being effective/productive towards your end goal.

2) A learning curb on new exercises, technique, programming protocols and equipment. A lot of the exercises you will do you may have never heard of before, let alone perform them correctly. By increasing your repertoire of exercises and programming you will unlock new stimulus for your body to adapt to (increasing the amount of gains)

3) An insight on nutrition - whether or not you opt for a block package that includes specific nutritional programming you will still learn alot about how you should be eating to support your training and the road towards your goal.

With the block packages you will receive even more on top of this and you will also save money long term. My single sessions are £45, but my block of 10 sessions is £400 - saving your £50 over a 10 session period. My block of 20 sessions is £750 - saving you £150 over a 20 session period. With the block packages you can enjoy the following as well as what we have already covered.

4) Specific nutritional programming. You will receive a nutritional handbook that covers all the fundamentals of nutrition. You shall also receive tailor made nutritional programming that continually adapts depending on your progress. You will know how much to eat, what your macro-nutrient split should be and how to time your meals. You shall also know what supplements to take if neseccary.

Macro-periodisation plan

5) Specific training programming. You will receive tailor made training programmes, specifically designed with your goal in mind. You shall receive a macro-periodisation plan that outlines the long term training plan and your training programmes will be based off it, meaning you will continually develop and never plateau.

6) 24/7 support - meaning you can text/call outside your PT sessions with any questions you have about your training or nutrition. You will never be lost.

Stefan body composition comparision

7) Regular testing protocols that are valid for your goal. Whether your goal is to transform your body or to improve your sports performance - valid testing is crucial. Knowing you are training in the correct way and making appropiate adaptations will keep you motivated and keep your achievements measurable.

With my online packages starting from £50 PCM you can will receive many of the block payments advantages - just without the PT sessions. You shall receive tailor made nutritional and training programming, 24/7 support, valid testing and you shall also receive a weekly check in with me or monthly PT session (depending on what online package you chose).

Just remember, with a cheap price you shall receive a cheap service! So the best coaches aren't the cheapest.

So now we have covered what you actually receive we can discuss how it can fit into your lifestyle.

Many people shy away from PT claiming how expensive it is - the problem is people are not actually ready to commit to the process of changing their lives. They are still stuck in their "old life" mentality, i.e. they still want to do all the rubbish they are doing now and do PT on top of this. The majority of people who need a coach are people who are living an unhealthy lifestyle and need guidance on how to optimise their lifestyle to suit their goal. So, if they changed aspects of their lifestyle to suit their goals they may find they have a bit of spare cash. Let me explain

Too much drink, too much bad food - on average costs £60 a night!

On average a night out costs £60 - this can include transport, drinks, food, club entry etc. The cost can of course go up if you drink more, eat more, go to a more expensive club etc etc. It goes without saying that if you want to optimise your training drinking and eating excessively is not going to be productive. So for the average person, reducing the amount of times they go for a night out a month by one night will mean they can easily afford Online Coaching - and that is just one night out. If you bent more things towards your goals, you shall find you can easily begin to afford more.

There are other examples where bending lifestyle could allow you to afford a coach. Reducing your spending on new clothes when you could just look a lot better in the clothes you already have. Prep more meals instead of eating out for lunches and dinners.

So, we have established that if you bend your lifestyle towards being healthier you can save cash that you could invest in a coach (that will make you even healthier still). But lets also chat about the money/time you will save later on down the line. Exercise has been proven to reduce the risks of many chronic diseases including Heart Disease, Arthritis and Osteoperosis. By investing in your health in the correct way now, you could be saving yourself in the future.

Personal Training and Online Coaching on the surface is an expensive service. However, there are plenty of ways to slightly change your lifestyle and afford to do it. Why waste your time? Hire an expert and know you are training and eating in the correct way!

Stay Strong,


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