Are protein shakes bad for you?

Are Protein Shakes bad for us?

I offer hear that protein shakes are bad for us. However, are protein shakes really that bad for us?  The answer in short is no, they provide a good amount of protein - but lets look into this further.

I have already spoken about the importance of protein, this email will go into the benefits of protein supplementation and will also touch upon optimal protein timing.

There are two main protein supplements on the market, Whey Protein and Casein Protein.  They both have high protein amounts and are both complete protein sources (they provide all 21 amino acids that the body needs) and are found in milk. There are other protein providers, such as pea protein, that are vegan friendly.

Lets look at the research.  A paper by Jose Antonio,PhD,CSCS found that the consumption of a Protein & Carbohydrate drink post workout boosted muscle glycogen storage (MGS), decreased exercise induced muscle protein breakdown and increased muscle tissue synthesis & repair.

Another paper by Tack, Chris BSc (Hons) showed the increased protein (especially post workout) showed "improvements in rehabilitative potential can be facilitated with appropriate protein supplementation during postinjury exercise training with a greater degree of muscle synthesis and tensile strength". Basically, protein supplementation showed to enhanse muscular injury rehabilitation.

So it is clear that protein supplementation has been shown to enhance athletic development & rehabilitation, so why the bad press?  People tell me "oh those protein shakes have so many chemicals in them, so they are bad for you".  Again, lets look at the research.  A study by Allman et all went through the ingredients that are founded in normal protein shakes and concluded that "The existing data on these supportive ingredients indicate no major safety issues, and thus, seem to be safe to use".

So - there you have it, protein shakes are safe to use and have been proven to assist with athletic development!  So if anyone says they're bad for you...they are lying!

If you have any questions on this topic, or anything else, please let me know!

Stay Strong,


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