Online Coaching

A new training programme delivered to your inbox every month!


Whether you are a weekend warrior or a competitive athlete, my effective, evidence-based online fitness coaching service will ensure your development.


Like my One-to-One Personal Training service, online coaching begins with a FREE consultation or video call so that we can discuss your goals and current lifestyle in detail. I will then tailor your programme accordingly and send it straight to your email inbox.

The programmes are based on a 12 month plan (macro-periodisation model) which will ensure long term continued development.  You shall receive 4 weeks programming every month, as well as continually adapting nutrition programming.

You shall also have access to the members area of the website. This members area includes information on nutrition (including a downloadable nutrition handbook & macro-nutrient guide), information on training & the Exercise directory, so you will never feel lost with your training and diet.

You shall also check in with me once a week (as well as your 1 2 1 sessions if you have chosen that package) to keep you on track and motivated and have 24/7 support from me.


My Online Coaching prices are as follows:

You shall also receive access to the members area which includes training & nutrition information and the Exercise Directory so you shall never feel lost with your training or your diet.


£70 per month - Includes Training & Nutritional programmes sent directly to your email and inbox access to the members area

£85 per month - includes 1 monthly personal training session (for assessments)

£110 per month - includes 2 monthly personal training sessions (for more frequent assessments & technical work)


Contact me today to arrange your initial consultation or video call.