Caz Rawlings

Caz Rawlings - GB Veteran Judo

Caz and her Judo coach Eddie Orgee came to me in the August of 2017 asking for guidance with their Nutrition and Strength & Conditioning.  Caz was competing in the -52kg Class at the Veteran World Championships in October and needed to effectively cut weight from 57kg and improve performance. 

Caz and Eddie trained in Medway for both their Judo and Strength & Conditioning.  We would have weekly check-ins and monthly PT sessions to assess progress and ensure they understood any new programming!

After a few months of calorie and macro-nutrient manipulation Caz successfully made 51.8kg on her Weigh-in day and achieved a Bronze Medal in the 2017 World Championships.  

The picture to the left shows Caz celebrating her 3rd place finish at the World Championships in 2017!  Very proud moment for her!

More recently, Caz achieved a silver medal at the 2018 World Championshps. This is a great improvement on her last years result!  She competed again at -52 and had a difficult time with her weight cut.  After months of eating more than she was used to, I then implemented the caloric restriction to bring her weight down from 60kg.  A few weeks later she was 55kg, but then she contracted a stomach virus from a friend.  After spending time in Hospital her weight went back up to 60kg.  Amazingly she persevered and went back on the harsh calorie, carbohydrate, water and fibre restriction.  Happily she weighed in at 51.6kg, more than 8kg less than she weighed 3 weeks before.  Caz is a true testimont to hard work, dedication and perseverance!  The picture on the right shows Caz on the podium! Well done Caz!