About Chris

I have worked within the Fitness industry for over 12 years. Through my career as a coach I have coached nationally competitive weightlifters, GB Judoka athletes, GB Hockey players, internationally competitive Crossfit athletes, Powerlifters, competitive Rugby players, GB Skeleton athletes, Tennis players and more. I have seen my clients achieve great results under my coaching, and I have accompanied many clients to many competitions to coach them to great success.


I have also seen amazing results with my non-competitive clients. Whether the goal has been weight & body-fat loss, improving mobility, improving nutrition or addressing strength imbalances I have helped to improve the lives of many clients, making them feel more comfortable, fitter, stronger and more confident in their ability, both in their sport and in their day to day lives.


My coaching, training and nutritional programming are all evidence based and scientifically proven. I regularly attend courses and do my own research in the subjects of Strength & Conditioning, physique development and nutrition to ensure my clients are coached and educated with the most recent and valid information.

I have competed at high levels of Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting. I have competed all over the country in both, and most notably I competed at the English Weightlifting Championships. My goal goal now is to return to the English Championships, so I am working hard on increasing my Strength in the Olympic Weightlifting movements.

I am currently working with clients in Tunbridge Wells & the surrounding areas and online.  If you would like more information on all my services please visit my "Services" page or get in touch on the "Contact Me" page.


Clean & Jerking 150kg.  A huge personal achievement (above)



Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer


Level 2 Gym Instructor


Sports Massage Therapy


Nutritional Advisor


Premier Training Advanced Nutrition

for Weight Management


Premier Training Advanced Nutrition

for Physical Performance


Kettlebell Instructor





Crossfit Mobility instructor


Optimal Life Fitness Weightlifting Coach


British Weightlifting Level 1 coach


British Weightlifting Level 2 Coach


KBT Strength & Conditioning Level 1


KBT Strength & Conditioning Level 2

KBT Strength & Conditioning level 4 


KBT Nutrition level 1

122.5kg Snatch